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girls and crowns

Wings in debut MV Hair Short - pt2

Anonymous said:
hey! do you know any good sites or programs for ripping vids off youtube? i want to make a CL compilation gifset but the website i previously used is no longer in service. thanks in advance.

the ones with asterisks (*) next to them are the ones most people recommend when asked about downloading videos. not too sure about the other two since i haven’t personally tried them. i’m not sure if these will work on mac (they don’t work on mine anymore, but i’m not sure about the other members and how well it treats them). if you have a mac and none of these work, i use ytd for mac. good luck! :-)

Hongki: Her nickname among us is ‘Kkang Jun’ (Stubborn Jun)

t-ae gifs for anon ♡

because Every Night is a good ass song

Hot Baby comeback stage
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