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Hello! I’d like to ask if anyone else bought Piece of Gold’s photobook “Hold Me Tight” and actually got it delivered? I bought it last year in November and when it still wasn’t here in February I contacted PoG and they resend it. But I still haven’t gotten anything and it has been almost three months now.
So I’d like to ask if anyone else bought their photobook and actually received it already? I am really worried and want to make sure if I am the exception or if others have/had the same problem with PoG.

I’d be really thankful if people could spread this post somehow. Or maybe know someone who bought the photobook and tell them to get in contact with me. Thank you! ;;

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yuri + pastels

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throwback → apink practicing before debut three years ago 

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Get your killer heels, sneakers, pumps or lace up your boots.
Representing all the women, salute, salute!

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blonde nana + pastels ♡

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My love, it’s a beginning again, the time for us to be together
I will show you more, more than the love that I’ve received
It’s okay even if it’s a little hard and imperfect right now
Your warm heart is enough, that’s all I need 


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APink Through the Years → [ MVs ]
#3YearsWithAPink ♥
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Happy 3rd Anniversary Apink!

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Everyone calls me a witch, comparing me with her
The victorious goddess smiles only at her, baby doll

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random girl groups

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